Meloidogyne genome data and tools

Several tools are available to access data of the <I>Meloidogyne</I> genomes.

Several tools are available to access data of the Meloidogyne genomes.

Depending on your request, you can use BLAST server or the genome browser Jbrowse or directly go to the page of one protein. For a better undestanding of the tools and how was achieved automatic annotation of the genome, we recommand you to read the supplementary data of the Meloidogyne genomes paper and also documentation for each tool.

Resources and tools have been custumized for Meloidogyne data by Martine Da Rocha .

Blast server

Blast on Meloidogyne scaffolds, unplaced reads, Mi dbEST and predicted proteins and on several nematode genomes including C. elegans, C. briggsae, C. remanei and B. malayi.

Access to Meloidogyne Blast server >>>

The JBrowse Genome Browser

Access to Meloidogyne  JBrowse Genome Browser >>>

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