Coordinator: Plant-Nematode interaction team (IPN - INRA Sophia)

The team's overall objective is to acquire the scientific bases to better understand the interaction between plants and nematodes. The research we develop focuses on both partners of the interaction. On the plant side, we study the development of the disease (susceptibility) and natural resistances. On the parasite side, we study parasitism effectors and adaptation of the nematode to plant resistance. Studies are carried out at different levels ranging from the gene to the field.Studies focuse on two main projects :

The aims of these projects are to design new control methods that are specific, sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Sequencing: GENOSCOPE - National Center of Sequencing​

The sequencing and the assembling of the sequence were made by Genoscope, the French National Sequencing Center.

Automatic annotation: bioinformatic platform LIPM (INRA Toulouse) & bioinformatic platform SPIBOC (INRA Sophia)

The bioinformatics platform of LIPM worked on the prediction of protein coding gene using the EuGene pipeline.

The bioinformatics platform SPIBOC worked on the prediction of transposable elements using the REPET pipeline.

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